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Additional Masking & Undercoating

This is not a vehicle that was repaired at our shop.

This is why we ask for masking and additional masking and we very seldom get paid for it.  We have to mask, or cover with paper and tape to prevent overspray, which takes time and materials and is not included in the paint/refinish operations.  It is a separate operation in our Mitchell estimating system.  The first mask is for primer then we have to remove all that and re-mask for the paint.  On top of that, in the case of the wheel opening, we always shoot black undercoating to cover any paint that makes it through the paper in areas that just can't get covered good.  We don't get paid for that either.  So this is what you end up with if a shop chooses not to go into their own pockets to do it right, like we do.  It should all be black and there should not be any detectable evidence that this truck has been repaired.

Corrosion Prevention

These are images of a vehicle that was not repaired correctly with corrosion protection to prevent rusting, which will eventually rust through the metal and weaken it and compromise the structural integrity during an impact.  This is an operation that most insurance companies won't pay us for and is not included in any other operation.  If we don't do it then we are liable when it fails so, once again, we go into our own pockets to provide this to our customers.  Not only do we not get paid for the corrosion protection but now that another body shop did not do it right, we have to do extra work to try to fix their corner cutting work and we don't get paid for that either.

This is a list of what our Mitchell Estimating System says is included and not included in the refinish operations.

Color, Sand, Buff & Polish

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